Effingham U15 - Tour of Italy

21st - 24th October 2006
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IMG_3376 IMG_3381 IMG_3384 IMG_3385 IMG_3387 IMG_3390
IMG_3376.jpg IMG_3381.jpg IMG_3384.jpg IMG_3385.jpg IMG_3387.jpg IMG_3390.jpg
IMG_3393 IMG_3394 IMG_3396 IMG_3396_1 IMG_3396_2 IMG_3399
IMG_3393.jpg IMG_3394.jpg IMG_3396.jpg IMG_3396_1.jpg IMG_3396_2.jpg IMG_3399.jpg
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IMG_3400.jpg IMG_3418.jpg IMG_3420.jpg IMG_3471.jpg IMG_3477.jpg IMG_3483.jpg